Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Smoothies: Blueberry-Melon-Carrot with Spinach, Tofu and Soy Milk

Green Girl Goodies, August 2012

This is hands down one of my favorite smoothie creations yet.  The blueberries and melon combine to mask the vegetable taste and the tofu and soy milk add a creamy richness to the smoothie.  Not only is it delicious but this smoothie is packed with protein, fruits and veggies which make it a great balanced meal replacement.

Yield 1 large 32 oz serving or 2 small 16 oz servings

½ Block Silken Tofu “Firm”, preferably Mori-Nu
1 c Blueberries, frozen
½ c Honey Dew Melon  *See the pictures below for an easy method to get your melon! 

½ c Cantaloupe

1 c Spinach, tightly packed
1 c Soy Milk, Vanilla
½ c Carrot Juice
1 tb Agave
1 tb Chia Seed

-     Place the melon, blueberries and spinach in the blender.

-     Add the tofu, breaking it up with your hands as you put it in the blender.

-     Add the soy milk and carrot juice.

-     Add the Agave, trying to pour mostly in the middle so it doesn’t stick to the sides of the blender.

-     Blend well and stir in the chia seed. 

Calories:  473.5
Fat:  11 g or 17% of D.V.*
Protein:  17.55 g or 34.5% of D.V.*
Fiber:  14.2 g or 57% of D.V.*
Sugars:  48 g

*Based on a 2,000 calorie diet
*Nutrition facts based on a large 32 oz serving

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